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Szechwan Palace proudly welcomes you to the most unique gourmet experience in Antioch and offers to you an epicurean tour of China. From Beijing, the traditional cuisine of the Mandarins, to the inland provinces of Hunan and Szechwan, where the foods are best known for their undiminished hot spice.

For a long time, the finest chefs throughout China have been recruited to this capital of Imperial of many Dynasties to show off their skills of cooking for the imperial banquests. Beijing cuisine gains its name for its delicate flavor and well-decorated presentation. In the central and western regions of China, Hunan and Szechwan, hot peppers and peppercorns are often used to make dishes spicy and savory. The Hunan and Szechwan cuisines are also especially known for their attractive cooking.

Szechwan Palace commitment in bringing to you the finest in Chinese cooking. We hope you enjoy your meals while you are here with us

Thank you and come again.
Egg Roll Sesame Chicken
Pot Sticker Shrimp Pea Pod
Sweet & Sour Chicken Kung Poa Chicken
Shrimp Fried Rice Salt Pepper Shrimp
Singapore Noodle Triple Delight